Party Foods for Children

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What to feed them to keep the party going?

At a party, children love to eat all the things they shouldn't be allowed to eat for everyday meals. Sweet, salty and delicious treats are all good ideas for children's parties--basically all the foods adults wish they could eat regularly but can't without having to worry about their own weight and health. But that's the joy of being kids--they can more or less do whatever they want when it comes to diet, with little or no consequences. Just don't let this become a habit.


Fruit is a good healthy snack at parties

It is always good to have little snacks for the kids to munch on while the party activities are in full swing. Chips are good, but dip or salsa can get messy. Most kids won't eat a vegetable platter, but fruit is always a healthy option. Apples, oranges, strawberries and bananas are kid favorites, as they are sweet as well as healthy. Maybe serving it with whip cream, chocolate or peanut butter, as an added, exciting bonus. Soda should be distributed sparingly and juice is a better option, but that's all up to what the parents will allow--and when they think their kids will stop bouncing off the walls from all the sugar in most sodas.


A Full Meal at a Kid's Party, if you want to get fancy

While eating a meal is rarely a focus at a kids' party, that should still be an option if anyone is hungry after running around, swimming or doing any of the other events at your everyday children's party. Pizza is always a good option with a few toppings, but nothing too exotic, as most kids won't eat more then pepperoni and a few vegetables. Each normal piece should probably be cut into quarters so that kids can help themselves and not make a huge mess. If a grill is available, hot dogs and hamburgers are another simple option, or even barbecued chicken, on the healthier front.


Strawberry Ice Cream Cake - Best of Both Worlds

The highlight of many kids' parties is cake, a good sugar fix to keep them wired for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Ice cream is always a tasty addition, as are cupcakes, perhaps in place of the cake itself. When it comes to sugar and sweets, kids can eat their weight's worth, it seems. Ice cream and pastries are good in moderation, and candy on occasion. Just try not to let these foods become a habit, as habits are hard to break.

Finger Foods

Some Finger Foods

Easy to eat, often delicious and filling enough if you don't want to serve a full meal, finger foods are another excellent option. String cheese, french fries or mini egg rolls that can be heated up in the oven, or even fried chicken fingers, are a good variety of finger foods that kids can eat at parties in between activities. However, when it comes to kids eating, most foods end up becoming finger foods.

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