Candy Games to Play


Candy isn't just for eating; you can substitute candy pieces for game markers. Keep candy in the wrappers to prevent melting and sticky fingers. Be sure to provide snacks to keep players from eating the candy. Candy adds fun and color to old games, so modify games to fit your purpose.

Hard Candy

  • Use hard candies as markers for bingo. Instead of "Bingo," use "Candy." Play as you normally would. Give candy away at the end of the game.

    Fill a jar with hard candies and have people guess how much is inside. Count before filling. The winner gets the candy-filled jar. This is a good icebreaker at a holiday party or shower.

    Use Life Savers for a counting/color game. Line up the different colors and have children count them and guess what each color is. It is simple and toddlers will enjoy it. Be sure to have candy that is appropriate for the age and not a choking hazard.


  • For a baby shower, melt three or four candy bars in diapers, one per diaper. Have guests guess what type of candy bar is in each diaper.

    Use mini candy bars of various kinds for poker chips. Give each brand a value. The winner gets to keep the candy. Use fun-size bars for lower amounts. If you are using only fun-size bars, 100 Grand bars are a good high bet.

    Unwrap several chocolate bars. Cut up into bite-sized pieces. See who can guess the names of the most candy bars by sight. Include ones that are similar, such as Heath and Skor or 5th Avenue and Butterfinger. Give the winner fun-size candy bars of each type.

Word Games

  • Make a list of words or phrases and have guests guess which candy bar fits the phrase. Whoever gets the most right wins. This works great at a baby shower. Some matches are: conception (Skor), pregnant (Chunky, Peanut M&Ms), epidurals (Life Savers), delivery doctor (Butterfingers), hospital bills (100 Grand), baby supplies (Pay Day) and teething (Crunch). Get creative with the phrases.


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