Low Carb Diet Plan for PCOS


Often, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is accompanied by a condition known as insulin resistance. This condition is similar to diabetes in that the body does not properly process sugars. As carbohydrates convert to sugars in the body, this means that women with PCOS who have high-carbohydrate diet plans are prone to obesity and may have difficulty losing weight. A low-carb diet plan can help sufferers of PCOS control both their weight and their symptoms.

Selecting A Diet Plan

  • Low-carb dieting is a recent trend among dieters and can be a morass of confusion for someone looking to choose a plan. The Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, the GI diet are all examples of low-carb diet plans.

    Selecting a plan depends on the patient's lifestyle. Each low-carb diet plan has its own rules and pattern. Some restrict all carbohydrate intake while others concentrate on increasing complex carbohydrates and limiting simple carbohydrates, such as naturally occurring sugars. Before selecting a diet plan, consult with a doctor or endocrinologist, as there may be side effects to dieting.

Clearing Out

  • The next step in embarking upon a low-carb lifestyle is preparing the kitchen. As most low-carb diets have an induction or beginning phase in which all carbohydrate intake is limited, it is best to start with a clean slate. After selecting a diet plan, begin removing items that could cause temptation.

    Replace these foods with items appropriate to the selected diet plan. Having whole grains, such as couscous and brown rice on hand for side dishes, is key. Make sure there is plenty of high-protein food, and don't skimp on fresh vegetables. Foods that impact the blood sugar least are the aim of a low-carb diet plan.

New Beginnings

  • Once the kitchen is prepared, it is time to begin the diet. As mentioned, most diets have an "induction" phase. During this time, carbohydrate intake is limited severely and sometimes altogether. This phase is reputed to break the "addiction" to carbohydrates and causes the body to use stored fat as fuel. Rapid weight loss can be seen in the induction phase.

    After the induction phase, carbohydrates are slowly reintroduced. How this is done depends on the individual diet plan. Most plans agree that this phase should produce a steady weight loss of one to two pounds per week. Sufferers of PCOS related insulin resistance should monitor their weight carefully at this time, as any carbohydrate introduced may have a negative effect on the weight-loss pattern.

    The final phase is the maintenance phase, where the dieter adds enough carbohydrates back into the diet to satisfy, but not enough so that weight begins to increase. For a PCOS sufferer, this phase involves trial and error. By determining how much and what type of carbs may be eaten without a negative impact, the PCOS sufferer can map out a lifestyle plan that can help manage PCOS symptoms.

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