Senegalese Sabar Dance: Playful & Sexual Moves


Senegalese sabar dance is infused with playful and sexual moves like hip thrusts, hip pops and flashing. Experience the playful nature of Senegalese sabar dancing with tips from a dance instructor this free video series on dancing.

Series Summary

A drum used in traditional West African culture is called a sabar, and it was originally used as communication between villages. It is commonly played in the country of Senegal, with accompanying dance moves called Senegalese sabar dancing. The Senegalese sabar dance has traditional footwork and arm movements, but the entire performance is ultimately determined by the drum beats that are played. Free-form in nature, the Senegalese sabar dance is a mode of expression for many performers, both local to West Africa and non-native dancers. In this free video series on dancing, a performer of West African dance and music demonstrates sexual and playful dance moves of the traditional Senegalese sabar dance. Learn to add subtle details to a dance move to give it sexual flare. Incorporate hip thrusts, hip pops and leg juts into a sabar dance routine, and manipulate the clothing by lifting shirts, opening skirts and tugging on the fabric. Adding sexual and playful dance moves creates a more authentic Senegalese sabar dance routine.

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