How to Bake and Decorate a Cheesecake


Learn how to bake and decorate a cheesecake with this easy dessert recipe - free video.

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Cheesecake is the dessert for all occasions. It might be after a classy meal on a first date, maybe with friends and family after a warm and hearty home cooked meal, while sipping coffee at a cafe downtown, or just in the middle of the night as a late night snack. Cheesecake is as diverse as it is delicious and it is surprisingly easy to make - especially when the cheesecake recipe is taught by one of the great experts at Expert Village! This cheesecake recipe will help to impress your family and friends and end fights with your nosy and nagging neighbors!

In this free video series, watch as Executive Chef Donn Ovshak teaches how to bake and decorate a cheesecake. Learn the ingredients for cheesecake, the tools needed to make cheesecake, how to mix ingredients for cheesecake, how to whip cheesecake mix, how to make caramel and mix it with cheesecake, how to chop Oreo's and mix the Oreo's into a pie crust, how to make a cheesecake crust, how to mix the cheesecake batter, how to top cheesecake with chocolate, caramel, and nuts, how to cut the cheesecake, and how to serve cheesecake. This rich delicatessen is a favorite all over the world. Watch these videos from Expert Village and start making this classic dessert right away.

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