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When learning how to play the drums, it's important to take note of the different components that are involved in a drum set, including cymbals, tom toms, snares, high hats and bass drums. Learn how to play basic back beats on the drums with help from an experienced drummer in this free video series on drums and percussion.

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  • Percussion Rhythm Challenges

    There are a seemingly unlimited number of percussion rhythm challenges that can be put together for percussionists to practice and improve their rhythmic skills. Practice a "three over two" rhythm… Read More

  • How to Make a Bass Drum Pillow

    When making a bass drum pillow, take the bass drum apart and place the pillow so that it's barely touching the front head after it is put inside. Get minimal… Read More

  • How Much Are Used Pearl Drums Worth?

    A set of used Pearl drums can be worth varying amounts depending on how old they are, what kind of condition they are in and the type of model. Find… Read More

  • Marching Snare Drum Tricks

    Most marching snare drummers will incorporate a number of tricks into their performance, but all of these tricks should be supported by a basis of good playing. Discover how to… Read More