How to Retrieve Keys Locked in a Car


Retrieve keys locked inside a car, use tools to unlock a car without a key and prevent car theft, as our expert locksmith will teach you in this free auto emergency locksmith-training video series.

Series Summary

Nothing is worse than that sinking feeling you get when you’re 20 minutes late for work, you’ve already spilled half of breakfast all over your new outfit, traffic was horrendous … and you’ve just realized that you locked your keys in the car. You may mumble a few expletives under your breath, kick the tires, huff and puff. But eventually, you have to figure out what you’re going to do about it. As you make your way into the office, you consider calling a locksmith and paying a hefty sum of money to solve the problem. You figure that it will be a well learned lesson and you’ll pay more attention in the future. Or, you might try some of the techniques you’ll see in this video series.

In these free auto-lockout emergency videos, learn what to do when you’ve locked your keys in the car—aside from calling a locksmith. Our expert will show you how to use special tools, usually readily available to the public, to unlock your car free of charge. Learn how to use everything from a slim jim to a lasso tool to finagle your way through the door jamb and back into your vehicle. Find out about magnetic spare car key holders to prevent the hassle at all. Finally, get some practical theft-prevention tips you can use so that you’ll still have a car to lock your keys in.

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