How to Make Lye Soap


Learn how to make soap from homemade soap recipes and what supplies you will need for soap making in this free video series.

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Soap-making is a hobby that is growing in population. Many soaps are seen in bar form, or can easily be formed or molded into a desirable shape. Soap is usually a mixture of sodium, potassium, fatty acids, and scent and color dye. Handmade soap differs from other soaps because it usually has an excess of fat to consume the alkali, or potassium. This makes the soap more hand-friendly. Many softeners are often added, such as shea butter or jojoba oil. Are you a craft enthusiast? Are you looking for a new hobby or a special gift idea? Soap-making is for you! In this series of videos, our expert crafter leads you step-by-step through the soap making methodology. Our expert begins by showing you how to get ready for making soap and what ingredients you need for the process. Preparing the molds and oils for your bars or shaped soaps is made easy by watching these videos. Combining and equalizing the temperature of the water, lye and oils can be tricky. Watch these videos as our expert carefully combines the ingredients and additives used to make some hand milled soap, then try this technique and add your own additives to make your own soap!

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