How to Build & Play a Theremin


Learn how to build a theremin in this free online video guide to electronic musical instruments, including the history of theremins, playing tips, and how to build your own.

Series Summary

The theremin is one of the earliest fully electronic musical instruments, and is named after its inventor Leon Theremin. Designed to be played without being touched, the instrument consists of circuitry including two antennas that the user moves their hands around to play. The instrument was originally used to research proximity sensors in Russia. The inventor of the synthesizer, Robert Moog, attributes his success to his interest in the Theremin. With the invention of other, simpler to play electrical instruments, the theremin did not experience commercial success. Amongst electrical enthusiasts however, it has stayed popular over the years.

In this series of expert video clips, learn more about the theremin. Our expert goes into detail about what makes up the complicated workings of the theremin including the coils and other components. Get a full history on the musical instrument and learn about the many uses of a theremin. What makes a theremin sound so special? Get answers to this question and many more in our expert instructional videos.

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