Cowboy Action Shooting Tips & Techniques


Learn all about cowboy action shooting with tips and techniques such as how to shoot pistols, rifles, and shotguns in competitions in this free video series.

Series Summary

Cowboy Action Shooting is a popular hobby that places you in the scene of the Old West with the guns, boots, leather chaps, leather holsters, and leather belts. Each competitor gets to choose an alias such as Pedro El Pistolero and creates his or her own image and costume. Additionally, each Cowboy Action Shooter chooses the types of guns to shoot and the type of shooting style he or she may want. With a lot of practice competitors learn to shoot quicker and more accurately than western movie heroes. If you would like to learn more about Cowboy Action Shooting, you can learn for free from one of our experts. In this free how-to video series, learn all about Cowboy Action Shooting from 49er Cowboy Action Shooting Champion Bob Wolf. Bob "Wolf Wind-Walker" will teach you tips and techniques for competing in Cowboy Action Shooting competitions. Wolf Wind-Walker and his partners William Waddy and Dixie Avenger will demonstrate how to prepare for Cowboy Action Shooting, how to load a cap and ball black powder pistol, how to shoot and score in Cowboy Action Shooting, how to shoot a pistol in Cowboy Action Shooting, how to shoot a lever-action rifle in Cowboy Action Shooting competitions, how to shoot a shotgun in Cowboy Action Shooting competitions, and how to shoot gunfighter style in Cowboy Action Shooting.

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