Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass


If you are interested in making stained glass designs, learn about the tools you need to create stained glass art with copper foil in this free crafting video series.

Series Summary

As you walk into a Christian church, your eyes are immediately drawn to the elaborate patterns and colors of the windows. As the light floods through, images of the legendary and mythical events of Christian history are illuminated in colorful glass. This ancient art form is known as stained glass, and many of these ancient stained glass works have survived for centuries. Throughout its thousand-year history, stained glass has been displayed in many different forms and varieties. However, the most common (as any connoisseur of religious traditions will tell you) is depicted on the walls and windows of Christian churches.

Though the religious connotations of the art still exist, a modern movement has also shaped the stained glass craft. For instance, many use stained glass in their own windows at home. Some have designed stained glass patterns that are abstract and creative. There are many ways to solder stained glass, and because of this, new forms of stained glass art are emerging everyday. For those who lack the expertise of soldering and cutting glass, many have discovered the beauty of sun catchers. A smaller form of stained glass art, these sun catchers have become a favorite craft of children and adults.

If you have been considering picking up a new hobby, learn the tools you need to start making stained glass. Our expert, Anna Comly, shows you how to use a variety of tools that will make your stained glass project a breeze. Learn all about copper foil. Also, learn the different glass cutter that you can use to cut your stained glass patterns. If you are curious how to maintain your tools, Anna shows you this as well. Learn how use a soldering iron to bring your glass piece together. So, whether you are just beginning the hobby or need tips, learn about stained glass tools today!

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