How to MIG Weld


Tips and techniques on how to set up and use a MIG welder for various welding projects, including how to weld a butt joint, angled joint and lap joint. Purchasing and safety tips for MIG welders as well in this free welding video series.

Series Summary

Metallurgy has existed for thousands of years, and welding, the joining of two metals, can be traced back to the Bronze Age - four thousand years before the birth of Christ. In the last 200 years, mankind has made considerable advances in welding, mastering different forms such as arc, laser, mig, and tig. This technology has been a useful tool in the hands of craftsmen, ushering in the Industrial Revolution, helping mass produce cars, build submarines, and design elaborate motorcycles.

MIG Welding or Metal Inert Gas Welding incorporates a steel wire and an electrical current to bind the steel wire to two or more pieces of metal. It is easy and fun to learn to weld and safety precautions should always be used.

In this free online video series of welding instructions learn from expert welder Mike Rogers as he teaches and demonstrates how to MIG weld. In these demonstrations learn how to use a mig welder including purchasing a mig welder, welding safety, how to set up a mig welder, loading wire into a mig welder, how to prepare metal for welding, preparing and welding a butt joint, tacking a weld, welding an angled joint, how to do puddle joints, and how to clean a welder.

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