Hula Hoop Basics: Part 1


Hula hooping is not only fun but is also a great workout. Let our trainers get you in shape in this free hula hoop workout video series.

Series Summary

The origins of the hula hoop are unknown but for thousands of years hoops have been used as toys for children to play with. At different times in our history they have been made of different materials. around 3000 years ago in the Egyptian cultures they were usually made of grapevines or some other form of hard reed. Today they are made almost completely of plastic and children swing them around their hips, limbs and neck and have also developed numerous tricks with them.

Sisters Kamala & Hannah, our hula hooping prodigies will show you exactly how to hoop yourself and also a few tricks you can use to impress your friends or just to have fun with by yourself. Learn how to do tricks on your ankles, arms and neck as well as a surprise ultimate hula hoop trick that you have to see. So grab your hoop and lets get hula-ing!

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