How to Replace a Blown Head Gasket


Have you got a blown head gasket in your car or truck? Fixing it yourself could save time and money, so our expert is here to give you step by step instructions on how to fix a blown head gasket in this free car repair video series.

Series Summary

The head gasket sits between the cylinder head and the engine block in your car, and its primary purpose is to seal the cylinders and prevent leakage of coolant or oil into the cylinders. Compression can sometimes cause what is known as a blown head gasket, which generally means you’ll be paying a visit to your local auto shop or garage. But if you’re looking to save a little money and learn something new about your car’s engine, we offer this free online video course in changing a blown head gasket. It’s not quite the daunting task it sounds like, and makes a great weekend do-it-yourself project.

In this series of free video clips you’ll learn how to replace a valve cover gasket on the engine of your car. Expert mechanic Nathan McCoullough shows you step-by-step instructions, from locating the gasket and determining whether or not it’s leaking, covering and protecting the electronic components of your engine, and removing the necessary parts, such as the valve cover and bolts. Once inside, Nathan demonstrates how to remove and inspect the gasket, install the new gaskets, seal the valve cover and start the valve cover bolts in order. He finishes by showing you how to properly check your work, making sure there are no leaks before you head out on the road.

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