Tips for Making Balloon Shapes


Great for kid's parties! Learn how to twist multiple balloon bubbles and attach them in this free video series on how to make balloon animals.

Series Summary

Balloon animals are always a hit at kids' parties. They may look easy in the hands of an expert, but quality balloon animals are works of insight and creativity. Artists who twist and shape balloons into shapes such as animals and other various toys are known as balloon modelers or balloon twisters, and are usually contorting long, cylindrical balloons into said shapes for entertainment purposes such as children's birthday parties or celebrations. Street artisans and clowns are popular balloon modelers, and though the practice might seem benign to those who don't have the skill, but the art of balloon shaping requires a fair amount of skill.

While some modelers use a single balloon to create their animals or shapes, many use multiple balloons. Those who have been practicing the art for any serious amount of time or have gained the appropriate skill level usually don't restrict themselves to one type of twisting. For most of us, balloon art is best appreciated at a circus or fair, as a child's face lights up with happiness upon realizing a simple balloon has become an animal or toy just for them. Learn easy steps and techniques for creating balloon shapes and animals in this free instructional series.

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