Car Tire Maintenance


In this free how to guide to proper car tire care & maintenance, learn how to check tire pressure, change a flat tire, & other important diy tips for safe driving.

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The advent of the modern automobile tire came in the mid 19th century, which was, oddly enough, some 40 years before the invention of the automobile itself. Scotsman Robert William Thomson is credited with the first patent for an inflatable tire; his invention was used for bicycles in that day. The developments from his prototype paved the way for the rubber, radial tread tires we use on our cars and trucks today.

Tires help our cars operate safely and comfortably on the road. The cushion of air between the road and our bodies is an excellent shock absorber, reducing vibrations from inconsistencies in the pavement and allowing the tire to deform in a fashion favorable for tight maneuvering. Without the tire we have today, life would be vastly different, leaving us to rely perhaps on trolleys and railroads to get us to our destinations.

In this free video guide to car tire care and maintenance, learn how to keep your tires in good driving condition. Our expert will give you step-by-step instructions on how to change a flat, should the need arise. He’ll also give you tips on how to check your air pressure, and fill your tire when it’s low. Finally, learn how to read the tread wear and determine if your tire needs to be replaced.

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