How to Mend & Hem Clothes


Learn how to mend and patch clothes with expert step-by-step instruction in this free clothing repair video clip.

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It is always fun to shop for new clothes, to buy new jeans or to come home with a brand new skirt. However, if you are a mother of five, the motto for clothes is: "clothes never go out of style." Hand-me-downs save money, time, and can save you from the pressure of keeping up with a constantly changing fashion world. Unfortunately, clothes, especially when worn by children, need repairs and modifications constantly. Kids tear clothes, lose buttons, and grow, which makes it difficult to keep the clothes nice looking and up to date. However, with a little help from the experts at Expert Village, saving money and using hand-me-downs can be easy!

In this free video series, watch as expert seamstress Karen Weisman teaches how to mend, patch, and hem clothes. Learn how to replace a button, how to thread a needle, how to use a sewing machine to fix buttons, how to remove old buttons from clothing, how to use a hand sewn blind stitch to mend rips in clothing, how to use a machine sewn satin stitch to fix holes in clothes, how to hem pants, how to use a cuffed hem on pants, how to hem pants with a straight stitch, how to hem skirts, and how to hem skirts with a hand sewn blind stitch. You don't ever have to throw clothes away, keep them functional and in the family for generations on end with the help of this fantastic clothing repair video series!

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