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Rebuild your health with Yoga! Try this free video series on restorative yoga to start regaining health, strength, and flexibility today.

Series Summary

The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning "to bind, or join." Yoga is centrally the practice of union, whether you are joining the mind to the body, the human to the divine, or the individual to the infinite. The various styles of yoga that have made it to the West all share a common core: positioning the body into a particular posture while focusing mind and breath leads to physical and spiritual well-being. These arts of positioning the body have been passed on for thousands of years, and encompass one of the oldest cultural traditions known to exist. To practice yoga, then, is also to join with the ancient sages, drawing human history up into yourself and connecting with the past.

In this free video series, Cindy Mastry will teach you many positions of Restorative Yoga. This yoga is designed for people who are going through physical therapy, out of shape, or who cannot benefit from more intense forms of yoga for whatever reason. Cindy will show you how to use props to turn many traditional poses into positions more easily held by beginners or the elderly. She teaches the goddess pose, child's pose, hero pose, head rotations, side twists, and more. Remember your breath and check out these videos today!

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