How to Play Alto Saxophone


Learn how to play alto saxophone for absolute beginners in these free sax video lessons, including tips and techniques on saxophone fingering, the mouthpiece and saxophone playing, and saxophone reeds.

Series Summary

Down through the ages, both classical and jazz music have featured an instrument that has been popularized in our day by Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and yes, Kenny G. In case you haven’t guessed, I'm talking about the saxophone. The sax is a woodwind instrument, despite its brassy appearance. It was introduced to the world circa 1840 by a Belgian-born man named Adolphe Sax, perhaps borrowing elements from the clarinet and oboe in its creation.

In these free sax video lessons, our expert will show you how to get started playing the alto saxophone, one of the four most commonly used types of sax since 1930, and the most preferred saxophone for classical music. From choosing and installing a saxophone reed to basic fingering and playing techniques, here's everything you need to get started on alto sax. Get tips on whether buying or renting a saxophone is the best thing for a new student, and learn what items you need to maintain your saxophone.

Learn how to play alto saxophone: It’s an easy lesson for absolute beginners.

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