How to Draw Cartoons in Microsoft Paint


Learn how to draw cartoons using the Microsoft Paint graphics program in this free video series of software art lessons.

Series Summary

A cartoon is any form of illustration usually drawn for a humorous effect. The word “cartoon” can refer to one drawing or a series of drawings that are put into motion when viewed in a certain order at a high speed. Comic strips are popular cartoons that are found in newspapers and magazines around the world and usually have a humorous, symbolic, or satirical meaning. Animated cartoons are shown on television for children around the world. Various themes of cartoons include animals, fables, fairytales, super heroes, and anime.

In this series of educational and instructional videos, you will learn how to draw a cartoon figure using Microsoft Paint. Our drawing expert Paul Louis gives a step-by-step demonstration on drawing a colorful “toon.” You'll learn how to draw a cartoon character in easy-to-follow instructions, beginning with the head & working down to the sneakers. He also demonstrates how to use the line tool and spray paint tool to color, add details and add depth to your cartoon drawing. Paul then demonstrates how to use the animation features of the program to bring your character to life!

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