How to Make a Zombie Costume


Want to be a flesh eating zombie for Halloween? Learn how to make an easy zombie Halloween costume with makeup, old pants, and old shirts in this free video series.

Series Summary

Halloween is quickly approaching. There is a chill in the air as millions prepare for a night of mischief and horror! As many popular films have depicted, one of the most terrifying yet intriguing disguises of Halloween is the zombie. Eerily walking, devoid of human rationale, this walking emblem of death comes to life for a variety of reasons. A zombie may be an unsettled soul searching for peace, or it may be searching to fulfill their lust for human brains. The zombie is thought to have originated from the tenets of Voodoo. Based on legend, a deceased person can be summoned to life by a Voodoo sorcerer. According to this myth, powerful drugs such as tetrodotoxin or datura enable these half dead and half live people to wonder the land with no will of their own. As iconic as zombies have become in our society, Halloween would not be the same without these ghouls wondering the night. While some may be afraid to put the time and effort into their zombie transformation, it is really not as difficult as it may seem. You can enter the zombie world quicker than you realize!

In this free video series, learn how to make an easy homemade zombie costume. Matt Cail shows you step-by-step instruction for making this Halloween costume. Learn how to transform old shirts and pants into a zombie costume. He shows you how to cut, apply dirt, and stain blood all over your clothing. Also, learn how to apply realistic zombie makeup to your face, hands, and neck. If you are looking to embrace the terrifying in Halloween, this costume is perfect. So, get into the horror spirit, and learn how to make a zombie Halloween costume today!

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