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Lighting is extremely important in video production! Learn how to light videos with key lights, fill lights, back lights, and more in this free DIY video lighting series.

Series Summary

Digital media is the next big thing, but we don't have to leave it to the big shots anymore. It's wonderful that this technology is finally trickling its way down to the amateur hobbyists, the art school drop out, the film school graduate, or the mother of three. Digital video cameras make it easy for you and your friends to create dramatic indie films, documentaries, or home movies. Computer editing software is as close as your desktop and fingertips, giving you the same applications the professionals are using right at home. You can even make animation and DVD menus! Get on board and make your professional quality digital videos and media from home.

If you are starting your own video production company or you just want to make home movies, this free video series is perfect for you. Lighting is one of the most important parts of making videos. Clearly, if you can't see well, the video doesn't do you much good. Let our expert, Drew Noah, show you how light a video. He gives you tips about everything you need to know: supplies, diagrams, color temperatures, and more. Also, learn how to use various kinds of light in your videos. Drew shows you how to use key lights, back lights, fill lights, background lights, and more. Learn how to use light diffusers and natural light. So, shine some light on the matter, and learn how to professionally light videos today!

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