Shooting Modes of Canon EOS 40D


Preset modes allow for quick photos in a variety of light conditions. Learn more about the basic shooting modes of the Canon EOS 40D digital SLR camera in this free photography lesson from an experienced photographer.

Series Summary

Introduced in 1987, the Canon EOS (Electro-Optical-System) is a popular system of interchangeable camera bodies, lenses and flashes. By 2007, more than 40 EOS camera models had been released. The main competition for this series is the Nikon F series, though the EOS models are more affordable, as well as more popular in most countries. The 40D is a midrange digital SLR camera with professional features, perfect for the advanced photographer who can't quite afford or justify spending the money for a pro model. The digital camera presents photographers with new tools, and new challenges for taking great photos. And part of becoming a great photographer is mastering the features and capabilities of your camera of choice.

In this free photography lesson, you will learn how to use the preset modes of the Canon EOS 40D digital camera. Although you can't adjust the image setting such as shutter speed and f-stop in these modes, they can be very helpful when you don't have time to adjust the settings of your camera. Take great photos at family gatherings, sporting events, even concerts without having to adjust any settings.

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