Taekwondo Martial Arts Basics


Learn basic Taekwondo martial arts training basics such as how to kick, punch, block, and tie a belt in this free martial arts video series from Taekwondo Master Instructor Sid Nelson.

Series Summary

Martial arts training is an excellent way to workout your cardiovascular system and increase agility. Among the martial arts forms, Taekwondo is very acrobatic and requires excellent agility. Taekwondo incorporates kicking, punching, blocking, as well as numerous high kicks and jump kicks. Taekwondo is also a good way to build strength, learn how to focus, and learn how to protect yourself. If you would like to learn basic Taekwondo in your own home before joining a dojo, you can learn for free online from our expert Taekwondo instructor.In this free martial arts training video series, learn basic Taekwondo techniques from expert Taekwondo instructor Sid Nelson. Master Instructor Nelson will teach you Taekwondo techniques such as how to tie a martial arts belt; how to punch; how to strike; and how to block a punch using a middle block, high block, and low block. He will demonstrate Taekwondo basics such as the horse stance, guard stance, front stance, back stance, lung punch and reverse punch, front kick, and crescent kick.

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