Pole Dancing for Fitness


Pole dancing can be used for sport, exercise, or as an exotic dance; but any goal needs pole dancing training or classes. Learn dancing moves and what a pole dancing class entails in this free pole dancing class video series.

Series Summary

Although pole dancing was born in gentlemen's clubs and is typically an outlet or prop for an erotic environment, the last ten years have seen a strong movement to appreciate pole dancing as a superb form of fitness which strengthens a woman's upper body and core muscles (stomach, abs, buttocks) while increasing agility and flexibility. Pole dancing as a fitness and exercise regimen has taken off, and it's fast becoming one of the most popular exercise rituals for women everywhere, from Australia to the United States. The movement to increase pole dancing's legitimacy as a sport has inspired international competitions and events which judge women based on agility and gymnastic qualities as well as creativity in routine and difficulty.

In this free pole dancing video series Meagan Burroughs, owner of Adult Dance and Fitness, shows you how to start pole dancing as a workout or a new skill set. Meagan prepares you for classes by telling you what to expect, what to wear, and how to pick a studio and teacher. She then covers the basic moves, grabs, holds and spins of pole dancing. You will learn the baseball and power grab, the fireman and martini spins, and the hand sit and suicide fall. Meagan gives you all the options with pole dancing, whether for sport, exercise, or as an exotic dancer.

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