Kayak Scuba Diving


Kayak scuba diving is a strenuous and difficult sports for experienced scuba divers only. Learn how to kayak scuba dive with tips from a certified rescue diver in this free kayak diving video series.

Series Summary

Scuba diving will be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. You will actually be swimming with sea creatures in their own habitat. Sure, snorkeling is fun, but scuba diving is the real deal: total immersion in an alien environment. “Scuba” is actually an acronym for “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.” Scuba equipment usually consists of a tank of breathable air, a tube leading to the mouth piece, fins worn on the feet to propel the diver, a diving suit, and sometimes a DPV (diver propulsion vehicle) or “scooter” used to move the diver around quickly. The term “scuba” was first used during World War II and referred to combat frogmen’s oxygen rebreathers (both semi-closed circuit and closed circuit).

Scuba diving is made even more exhilarating when a dive is made from a small kayak. In this free video series our expert rescue diver will show you how to kayak scuba dive. This strenuous sport should only be taken on by experienced scuba divers with a lot of physical strength. You will learn how to pick out a scuba kayak and made necessary modifications. You will also learn how to pack and load kayak scuba diving gear, launch your kayak and paddle out to your diving destination. Get tips on gearing up in the water and returning from your dive. If you love scuba diving and want to try something new, let our expert teach you all about kayak scuba diving.

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