Basic Judo Techniques


Learn basic Judo techniques such as Judo positions, how to stretch, how to do an armbar, in this free Judo video series.

Series Summary

Judo is a Japanese martial art that began with one young man deciding he did not want to be picked on. Judo is an excellent self defense martial art that is perfect for defeating a larger opponent. Judo incorporates many forms of joint locks, as well as throws and choking techniques. If you would like to learn about Judo and learn some Judo techniques in your own home before joining a dojo, you can learn from one of our Judo experts for free online.

In this free how to video series, learn basic Judo techniques from expert Judo martial artist Cesar Lazcano. Cesar will teach you how to stretch for Judo training and why Judo is a successful martial art. He will teach and demonstrate Judo techniques such as the arm bar, the guard position, how to pass the guard position, choking techniques, how to get an opponent in a leg lock, how to avoid a leg lock, and how to do a Judo ankle lock.

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