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A healthy diet and good nutrition are the best ways to live a happy, healthy life. Get nutrition and diet tips from a nutritional consultant in this free video series on healthy eating.

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Everyone wants to live a fit and healthy life, but sometimes beginning a new low-fat diet can be daunting and even challenging. Changing eating habits and learning to prepare low-calorie, low-fat food might be difficult to acclimate to at first, but having a solid knowledge base about the healthy types of foods and some inspiration towards creating a delicious menu full of diet-friendly meals is a great start. Healthy snacks, exercise and a refrigerator makeover are great steps for diet beginners. In this free video series on nutrition, an experienced nutrition consultant explains diets and healthy eating. Learn about different types of diets, including the South Beach Diet, the soft foods diet and low sodium diets. Get information on how the body uses energy from food and learn why good nutrition is important. Eating healthy can lead to feeling healthy, so get tips from a specialist in this free video series on healthy diets.

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  • What Is Apple Cider Vinegar Enhanced?

    Apple Cider Vinegar Enhanced is a weight loss product made of dehydrated apple cider vinegar, red pepper, ginger and other herbs that stimulate metabolism. Avoid counting on apple cider vinegar… Read More

  • How to Become Obese

    People become obese by living sedentary lifestyles and eating food that is unnatural and full of high fructose corn syrup, which the body cannot process properly. Eat food that is… Read More

  • How to Lose 70 Pounds

    Lose 70 pounds of weight by eating healthy, natural foods, exercising, walking six miles a day and staying hydrated. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day… Read More

  • About Depression, Whey Protein & Bananas

    Whey protein and bananas both contain precursors to the neurotransmitters in the brain that affect depression and mood, and therefore, may help in preventing depression. Eat healthy whey protein and… Read More

  • What to Take to Help Your Immune System

    Help your immune system by eating an elimination diet to determine any food allergies and taking cod liver oil to increase vitamin A and D, along with omega 3. Discover… Read More

  • Foods a Singer Should Avoid

    A singer should avoid foods that produce phlegm or cause regurgitation in the esophagus, such as dairy, wheat and hot, spicy foods. Pay attention to your body as a singer,… Read More

  • Foods for a Sore Throat

    The best foods for a sore throat are honey, soups, clove, marshmallow root or any food that is soft and soothing to the throat. Try eating potatoes, bananas or drinking… Read More

  • How Does Water Cleanse the Body?

    Water helps cleanse the body by allowing the systems of elimination in the body, such as sweating, the lymph system and urinating, to work properly and efficiently. Drink half your… Read More

  • How to Get Rid of Face Fat

    Because face fat tends to be genetic, the only way to get rid of it is to lose body weight in a healthy manner until a healthy weight is reached.… Read More

  • What Kind of Diet Do Dancers Have?

    A dancer should eat a diet full of energy-rich foods with proteins, fats and carbohydrates in order to provide enough energy to keep the body functioning. Keep joints healthy as… Read More

  • What Is the Definition of a Low Sodium Diet?

    A low sodium diet contains no more than an eight of a teaspoon of salt a day, which can be extremely difficult, even when eating healthy foods. Speak with a… Read More

  • What Is a Sports Nutritionist?

    A sports nutritionist is someone who specializes in developing proper nutrition for athletes, who have special dietary needs because of the demands they put on their bodies. Consult a sports… Read More

  • What Schooling Does a Nutritionist Need?

    There are many different education programs available to become a nutritionist, including getting a degree in dietetics or doing a certificate program through the state. Become a nutritionist through an… Read More

  • What Does a Pediatric Dietitian Do?

    A pediatric dietitian specializes in nutrition for infants, children and adolescents, developing healthy food habits from a young age. Find out how pediatric dietitians rely on the parents to teach… Read More

  • What Is a Soft Food Diet?

    A soft food diet consists of foods that are naturally soft, such as bananas, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, and food that is blended into a soft mush. Eat a… Read More

  • What Is the Energy Value of Food?

    The energy value of food is related to the calories of energy that are produced by the food and is determined in a laboratory. Learn how the caloric energy in… Read More

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