How to Take the Shine Off Shoes

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If your shoes are too shiny, there are things you can do to remove that unwanted effect. Take the shine off shoes with help from a visual merchandising expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Well, hey there, it's your girl P.W., giving you the knowhow on the fashion how-to, and since we're talking all about shoes and then some, let me show you how to take the shine off your shoe. You know that military look is very in right now so let me shoe you how to take the shine off of those shoes, one, two, three, come on. So, as we can see, this is a pretty good boot. It's already shined up because that's the way, you know, I wanted them to be but now that, you know, rusty military kind of rustic look is very in. So, what i want to do is get an abrasive cloth. I'll pull one from the sky, you know how I do, and we want to scrub it down. This is abrasive on this side. You see this and it's already pulling off some of the paint from the shoe, ah no. So you just want to rub it down and you want to dry it off. You already see what that does, how it's already giving it like I can't believe you did that to that shoe and you want like a Lysol wipe or some type of antibacterial or sanitizing wipe that has that kind of fiber on the other side or if you don't have one of those, you can just get something and rub it back and forth. You know, a dry rag with a little detergent on it, just go back and forth and it's really, whenever your boot is wet, whenever a leather is wet, it's going to give it that old kind of look and it's really quick, simple to do. You get you a little wipe. If you don't have any type of antibacterial wipe, you know we can always use our secret weapon which is our baby wipes and it will have your shoe looking like that. When it dries, this is what you get, old rustic, it will show all the scratches and makes the boot look aged and old. It shows all the distress in the leather. It shows you the creases and it just makes the boot look that much more expensive, that much better. There you have it. It's your girl, P.W., giving you the know how on the fashion how to, signing off.


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