Resistance Bands Exercises for the Lower Body

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The lower body is a great place to use a resistance band. Target your lower half using this resistance band workout in a free video presented by a personal trainer.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and I'm going to show you some fitness exercises for the lower body using a resistance band. I'm coming down on all fours, I've got the resistance band around my thighs. I'm going to lift my left leg up into a fire hydrant. Now, that band is adding some extra resistance on there. I'm going to take it up and down. I'm going to do about eight reps. I'm going to hold my leg up and I'm going to hold it for a count of about eight. Then I'm going to kick, I'm going to add onto this. I'm going to kick my leg out to the side. I can really feel that in the outside thigh, excellent exercises for the lower body, perfect. You're going to do eight reps of this, take it back down. Another exercise you can do for the lower body, I've got my resistance band on. I'm on all fours. I'm going to take that left leg and I'm going to bring it into my chest and I'm going to kick it out, bring it into my chest and kick it out. This one's working your hamstrings and your glutes. So, we're really getting a workout on that lower body. This has been Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, showing you some exercises using a resistance band for your lower body.


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