How to Build Muscle in My Chest Without Lifting Weights

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Muscle-building exercises do not always require exercise equipment. You can develop muscle tissue in the chest area without using weights or other external equipment. Watch as a certified personal trainer demonstrates exercises that can build muscle in your chest.

Part of the Video Series: Building Muscles & Losing Weight
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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and we're going to show you some exercises to build muscle without using weights in the upper body. So, I have Renee here, and she's going to help me demonstrate some of these exercises. We're going to do some variations on push-ups. Now, push-ups are the absolutely excellent exercise. No weights are needed, just your body weight and you're working your chest upper and lower parts of your chest. You're working your triceps, back of your arms. Okay, she is going to first, the first exercise she's going to do, perfect for beginners, she's going to lower herself down in a push-up and back up. If she's more advanced, she's going to come all the way up on her legs, excellent, perfect, drop down to your knees. Another exercise that she can do, same thing, using the same body parts, your chest, lower chest, and arms. She's going to turn around and she's going to place her feet up on the object. Again, you can do this anywhere. So, she's up and she's going to put her feet up on the ring and she's going to come up into a push-up. Now this one's a little more advanced, excellent and she's going to do a push-up, perfect, and two, drop your knees, drop down to your knees, and of course, always just your standard push-up, you don't need any props any equipment at all. She's just going to standard push-up, regular, all the upper body, excellent, drop down to your knees. If you are modifying, if you are a beginner, she's going to do it on her knees, absolutely perfect. This has been Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, showing you some exercises for the upper body without using equipment.


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