How to Gain Muscle Without Equipment

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Building muscle tissue does not require heavy weights or expensive equipment. In this free video, a certified personal trainer explains how to get the most out of your workout using only your own body weight.

Part of the Video Series: Building Muscles & Losing Weight
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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and we are going to show you some exercises teaching you how to gain muscle without using equipment. I have Rene here to help me demonstrate the exercises. Now, these are just standard old school exercises. You do not need machinery or equipment. Your body weight works perfect. The first exercise she's going to do just your standard squat. She's just going to come back, push her tush back. Knees don't go over the toes and down. Up and down. That's perfect. She's working her glutes, her quads, and her hamstrings. Excellent. Another exercise that works the same muscle group but she's using her body weight, no equipment is the lunge. Now the lunge you can take it forward or backward. Or you can walk. Either way you are working that same lower body muscle group. All the lower body muscles. Your quads, your hamstrings, your glutes. Perfect. Okay. Another exercise she can do just using her body weight. She's going to turn her toes out. We do all these at boot camp. She's going to turn her toes out, she's going to come down in a plie squat. Same muscle groups. All those lower body muscles. She can even add up on her tippy toes and add a little more of the calves into it. Perfect. Excellent, good job. Okay, last exercise we are going to do just using your body weight. She's going to come down onto the ground. And she's going to do a push-up. Now, Rene's a little advanced, she's going to come all the way up and all the way down. Excellent. If you are a beginner drop your knees Rene. Do the push-up on your knees. As many as you can do. I would like to see eight to ten reps. And I'd like to see three sets. Excellent job, perfect. Thank you. This has been Christine with Hammer Time Fitness, and we're doing exercises using our body weight.


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