Acupressure for Pain in the Upper Shoulder & Neck Area

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Acupressure can be used to help minimize pain in the upper shoulder and neck area. Learn about how to employ acupressure in these areas with help from a doctor of oriental medicine in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, Acupuncture Physician and Clinical Herbalist. Today, we will be discussing acupressure for pain in the upper neck and shoulder area. Now, this is a common area where a lot of us tend to hold the tension; in the modern day, filled with lots of stress. So, a lot of times, people will come in and all of the muscles along the tops of the shoulders, in the levator scapulae and the muscles along the spine here will be locked up. And two points that almost give you instant relief when using a needle, but are also effective when using acupressure are gallbladder 21 and 20. Twenty is located at the top of the shoulders and the top of the trapezius muscles. So, you just want to squeeze this muscle here on the top of the shoulders until you find the little indentation right here and you want to use pretty firm pressure. So, you can use all four fingers or even thumb if you want to. This point works because it has a descending action; so, it sends any trapped chi up in the body, all the way down, kind of gets it out of the chest and the back. Now, this point is contraindicated during pregnancies. So, if you're experiencing up, upper back and neck pain and you're pregnant, I encourage you to find a practitioner that's skilled in treating issues with maternity. Gallbladder 21 actually comes right up the gallbladder meridian, up into the sides of the base of the oxiput, right in the indention behind the mastoid process which is this little bony protrusion right here where the skull and the neck meet. And this point is really really effective as well when the pain radiates up into the neck itself. And again, you just want to use pretty firm pressure on this one and it has a great descending action to get rid of anything that's stuck right here. There are various other points that you could use decile depending on which channels are effective for your shoulder and neck pain. So, I encourage you to seek out your local acupuncture physician to find out which points are right for you. I'm Hilary Talbott. and that was acupressure for pain in the upper neck and back and shoulders.


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