How to Get Rid of Midsection and Abdominal Fat

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To get rid of midsection and abdominal fat you must balance your caloric intake against your energy expenditure while also getting a varied mix of cardio and strength training. Get the facts on fat loss in this free video of abdominal exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Emily Wenzel with Body and Mind Enrichment. I'm a Personal Trainer and a Pilates Instructor and Herbalist and Organic Gardener. I'm here at the Pilates Loft and we're going to talk about exercises and things that you can do to get rid of abdominal and midsection fat. First and foremost, make sure that your energy expenditure is greater than your caloric intake. Another thing that you can especially with your exercise routine is vary it up; change it up, stimulate your body, stimulate your mind as you do it in everyday life as well. But change up your routine. Sometimes add more strength training, sometimes add more weight, less weight; but also incorporate the cardiovascular exercise. So, try a little bit of both. Do a cardio interval where you do some high intensity cardiovascular exercise for about one minute, hardcore and then, do a couple of minutes of your strength training exercise and do a couple of repetitions of that, maybe three to four repetitions and do three chunks of that for your routine which would be about an hour. So, the first thing we're going to do is use a stability ball and free weights. So have a seat, grab your weights. So, I roll all the way down; lift the hips up, you should feel the hamstrings, the muscles on the back of the legs and make sure your ankles are about even with the knees. You're going to bring the arms to the outside forming like a goal post with your body. Try to avoid bringing the elbows too low, so you want to hold strong. Then, as you exhale, you're going to reach up, tap the weights together, right about nipple height instead of too low or instead of too high. Please, that position is really important. So, as you exhale, reach and tap together. So, you want to do about twenty, ten to twenty repetitions of these and then bring the palms facing each other, slide the shoulders down and you're going to bend from the elbow joint and straighten. You want to control down and then also resist and push up; keep the wrist straight as well. So now, you're working the tricep muscles and then bring the palms facing away, reach back as you inhale and then, exhale and lower. So, only reach back as you can feel the strength; try not to feel any type of pull or discomfort. Then roll all the way back up, scoop the belly in. Bring the palms facing out on the outside of the ball and as you curl up, you're bending from the elbow joint. But please avoid pulling the elbows back behind you. It's going to be more of a challenging with the elbows in line or maybe even slightly in front of the body. So, the same thing, ten to twenty repetitions here. Then, you're going to drop the weight and begin to walk out to where the ball is supported on the lower back. You want a curvature on the back; you need some type of mat to stabilize the feet. Bring the arms behind the head, the elbows stay wide the whole time. You're going to inhale extend back and then exhale, pull the belly button in as you curl up. So, pull inward as you curl up, "Hmmmm"; exhale, scoop in as you curl up. "Hhmmm", "Hhhhhh". So, ten to twenty repetitions here and then, right into your cardio routine. So, the jumping jacks. I want strong arms and strong legs; anytime you jump you're using your core. If you need to modify, just bring one leg out and if you can, bring both legs out. So, instead of lazy arms and lazy legs, strong arms. So, a minute of your jumping jacks and then, do it again. You want a full three or four times of that circuit and, and do maybe two more that you can fit into an hour. Then, you've got a hardcore circuit training. Those are some tips and exercises that you can do to get rid of abdominal and mid-section fat. I'm Emily Wenzel with


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