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If you don't think you can fit exercise into your busy schedule, this fast abs workout from the tabletop position will change your mind as it changes your body. Get fit fast with the aid of this free video of abdominal exercises.

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Hi, I'm Emily Wenzel with Body and Mind Enrichment, I'm a personal trainer and a Pilates instructor, an herbalist and an organic gardener. We're here at the Pilates loft, and today we're going to go over abdominal exercises to work out the abs, fast. The first few exercises, you're going to roll all the way down. Support for your hand, grab a pillow, if you'd like, or support for the lower back. Grab another pillow, or a small ball, and place it underneath your lower back. Go ahead and you're going to roll all the way down. You want a curvature on your the lower. If you want some assistance, if you feel too much weight in your legs. Use your hands underneath the legs, and roll all the way down. So, connect with the lower back, the mid back and then, the upper back, and relax all the way down. Bend the knees just slightly, and you want to feel, where ever your hip bones are. Travel two inches in and two inches down. You want to draw those abdominal muscles towards the mid-line of the body. Without feeling too much tightness in the lower back, as well. So, take a breath in as you exhale, you can bring both legs up into tabletop. Feel that you can hold those legs up, into tabletop from the lower abdominals, instead of just the weight of the legs. And you're going to pull one leg in and reach one leg out, you're going to do that two times. So, the second pull is going to be pull deeper in with one leg and reach the opposite leg out. So, you're going to pull into and then, switch, pull into. The head is down and the neck is nice and long. And as that leg comes in, try to avoid hiking and lifting the hip up. So, pull into, and pull into, pull into, pull in. So, more of a separation and a reach. And then, this time, extend both legs out. Then you're going to open and close the legs. The lower the legs, the more of the challenge on the abdominals. But if you feel anything in the back, kick those legs up a little higher. So, it's going to be different for everybody. And then, speed up that tempo, here's that tempo change, open and close. And you can lower the legs, and you can lift the legs. And then, bring the legs all the way down. The next exercise is going to be a side plank. You can either do it on the full arm, or on the elbow. So, we're going to do it on the full arm. So, lean down, I would take this knee and bring it further out. But try to keep this leg relaxed, and the opposite leg relaxed, as well. You want to feel that you're holding the body up, from your obliques, all the way down to the lower abdominals. Probably more on that side, of course. And then, reach the arms straight out, light on the legs, or straight up, or straight over. And then, more of a challenge is going to be, you can lift this knee up. And stagger the legs back and then, hold here, or you could stack the legs. Alright, then into the plank position, so you're going to rotate this hand down. And then, both arms are going to be parallel, but the shoulders are going to be on top of the wrist. And if you need, drop the knees down, but try to avoid sitting up, or back a little bit. And keep the lower abdominals activated. So, keep the lower abdominals engaged towards the mid-line of the body, pull it back towards the spine, and up towards the heart. You want the neck to be nice and long, try to avoid the neck hanging down. And just make sure, the position of the back doesn't move. The rib cage stays in, as well. Those are some ways that you can workout the abs, fast. I'm Emily Wenzel with


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