How to Lighten Jeans With Bleach

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With bleach, you can lighten up your jeans or even add fading to them. Enlighten your jeans and your looks with help from a fashion expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hey there. It's your girl, P.W., giving you the know-how on the how-to for fashion. And today, we're going to talk about, how do you lighten jeans? I know, simply, relatively easy? It is, though. I'm going to show you how easy it is, and it's so simple. What you want to do is get your bleach, whatever kind of bleach you want to use is fine. You want to take the jean that you want to lighten, and you want to throw it in the washing machine. You want to throw it in the washing machine with about half of that bottle of bleach, and not a big bottle, like, the little bottle. So, it's about five, I'm going to say about four to five cups of bleach. And, that's depending on how light you want them. If you just want them relatively light, you want to use three cups of bleach, and just those jeans. So, you want to use in a small wash. And, if you want them really, really light, like a acid wash, you want to use, like, five to six cups of bleach, and you want to wash it in hot water. So, once you have your dark denim jean, like the one that we put, you can also get it to look like this. Now, this was a particular denim, this was a very, very dark wash. And, what we did was we put it in the washing machine with three cups of bleach, because we didn't want to go that far with it. But, we definitely wanted some distress. So, you see, it kind of takes some, and the thing about bleach is, you never know what bleach is going to do. It can give you all types of funky attributes that really make your denim look great. See, like this one. This is the original denim, and I don't know if you guys know, but all denim is washed in some type of way. There's really, unless it says "raw", unless the denim says r-a-w and that it's raw denim, and that's the way it came, it's been washed. So this was the original color of the denim, and then I took the pocket off, and we washed it in the bleach, and this is what we got, you see that? So, there are all different ways you can kind of distress it. And then, it made everything lighter. And, you see how bleach really plays with denim? And, that's what they do in the factories, it's just all different types of ways you can play with denim. There's distorting, there's sandblasting, and there's distressing. Simple as that. I hope I taught you something today. It's your girl, P.W., signing off on the how-to.


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