How to Identify Uneven Tire Wear

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To identify uneven tire wear, look to see if the tread is worn down to the strip and see if the edges are worn smooth. Check to see if there are any large bumps on the tire with advice from a master technician in this free video on tire wear and tear.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Steve Ellis from Burke Motor Company. I'm a Certified Technician, and I'm going to show you how to check and look for uneven tire wear. Looking at your tire for uneven tire wear, first you have to look at how deep the tread is. There's little small rubber strips between the tread that you have to look at and see if your tire is worn to that strip, the life of the tire is done because that is considered a wear bar and once you reach the wear bar you should replace your tire. This is the wear bar, it's right in between the tread. If you're at that tread line and you're rubbing the wear bar, the tire is worn out. The other thing you look at is see if the edges are worn smooth and you're losing this tread line. If you lose that tread line, the tire is scuffing on the road and it's out of alignment. The other thing is if you feel the tire and rub your hand on the tire you'll feel sharp edges on one side and they will be smooth going the other direction. That means the tire is scuffing or scalloping on the road. That tire should be replaced. Otherwise it's going to cause shaking. The other thing you feel in the tread line and see if there is any large bumps. If there is any large bumps, the belt has shifted in the tire and the tire should be replaced. That can cause a tire to blow out. Okay, that's the major thing on the tires that you should look for. My name is Steve Ellis, Master Technician from Burke Motor Company. I've just shown you how to check for wear in your tire.


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