Acupressure Techniques to Reduce Bloating

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Acupressure has been known to reduce bloating through the application of certain techniques. Learn about acupressure techniques to reduce bloating with help from a doctor of Oriental medicine in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Acupressure for Women
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, Acupuncture Physician and Clinical Herbalist. Today, I will be showing you some acupressure points to relieve bloating. There are some local points on the stomach refer to as stomach 25; they are very effective. You find those by locating the belly button and once you locate the belly button, you're going to just move your finger out along the access of the belly button until your finger stops at the line of the rectus abdominis here, abdominal muscle. And this point is located on both sides, and you can stimulate them both at the same time, or one at a time. Or, if you're also constipated in addition to the bloating, the one on the left is an excellent choice to stimulate the large intestine, and hopefully stimulate a bowel movement. Another distal point that's especially effective with bloating is spleen 3. This is the source point of the spleen channel. It's located on the foot, right under the, the big one of the, of the first toe and it's where the red and the white skin meet. That's where the spleen channel follows, and so I'm just going to follow it down; that's right in here in a divot. And a lot of times, if you're bloated, this point will actually be quite tender. So, using firm to moderate pressure depending on what you can stand on either side are great for trying to relieve bloating, and especially if the bloating has been, has occurred due to overeating; eating lots of dairy, lots of fried foods or lots of sugary food. So, you're a, a victim of holiday eating. These are great points that you can use to feel better and go about your day. I'm Hilary Talbott, and that was acupressure for bloating.


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