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Acupressure can be a great way to help get through a pregnancy and alleviate the inherent discomforts. Learn about maternity-related acupressure with help from a doctor of Oriental medicine in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, Acupuncture Physician and Clinical Herbalist. Today, I will be showing you a maternity acupressure guide. There are several points that can be very helpful throughout pregnancy and ailments that exist due to the pregnancy. The first point I'm going to show you is gallbladder 30 to help relieve sciatic pain. Now, this is a common side effect of pregnancy that I often treat as the hips start to widen. Sometimes it causes excess pressure on the sciatica in the sciatic nerve which is located here in the ischii joint underneath the gluteus muscles. So, this is actually kind of a difficult point to get to just with acupressure instead of a long needle. But, if you use firm pressure with your thumb or even have someone else do it with an elbow, it can often relieve the pain. So, you want to use the point on the side where you're experiencing most of the pain and this point is referred to as the pocket point because it's generally where your, the corner of your pocket would meet. It's kind of a, a starting place for you and you just want to search around and your finger will fall deep into kind of a, a cavern and you'll know because you, you'll feel right at, right away that the pain is kind of lessen quite a bit. And like I said, this takes firm pressure; so you either want to use firm pressure with your pointer finger or two fingers to give more or even a thumb. Now, probably the most, other, the other side effect of pregnancy as most commonly seen in our clinic is morning sickness or nausea. And for that point I use PC 6, pericardium 6; it's located between the, the tendons of the inside of the forearm right after the vein crosses. So, on our model today, it is located right here. And of course if you were pregnant, you don't want to lay face down, just a side note for that sciatic point. Lying on your side is typically the best way to access that point. And then, another point that almost all my pregnant patients got is Du 20, governor 20 located at the vertex of the head. So, to locate that, I just come to the top of the ears and I use my hands in an L shape. And where my fingers, my thumbs meet at the vertex of the head, you kind of search around in the centerline until you find a little divot. And this point is really beneficial because it has an upward bearing action to it. So, a lot of times, we want to use that upward bearing action because we want to alleviate any chances of miscarriage or any prolapse or sinking down of the uterus. The other important aspect to this point is that it helps to produce marrow or jing, or essence, as we call it. So, this is basically the fundamentals of the tissues going together in, in, in the developing fetus. So, you can't really overdo this point, unless of course you have a headache. And a way to stimulate it instead of just a rocking motion, or a circular motion, is to tap gently and take deep breaths. Now, there are many other points that can be used during maternity. But, I encourage you to seek out a skilled acupuncture physician who can show you the ones that are specific to you during this special time. I'm Hilary Talbott, and that was a maternity acupressure guide.


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