How to Control Frizzy & Wavy Hair

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Frizzy and wavy hair can get out of control quick if you don't trap it in. Keep your hair in control with help from a professional hairstylist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jazmayne Chatman, representing gLaM sQuAd LA. And today, I'm going to show you how to control frizzy hair. Some of the tools that are necessary to control frizzy hair are your handy dandy paddle brush, key element into detangling curly hair. Definitely want to be mindful to start from the bottom with these, and work your way up. A wide tooth comb also aids in controlling frizzy hair. It helps define the curl, and not comb it out too much, so they can actually mend together. A serum, silicone based. It helps promote shine. And, you can use two different methods of leave in conditioner, or three actually: A spray, a putty, or a liquid form. So, I'm going to start with our leave in spray conditioner. And, you want to be mindful to pull the hair out, not hard, not with tension. You want to make sure every curl is saturated with whatever the product is that you're using. If every strand isn't saturated, you'll find that some of the hair dries more poofy, more unruly, and it doesn't seem like it's a part of the family. Already, you can see her pattern starting to form. Frizz you see back here is not in this section of her hair. And, I'm just using my fingers, which is also a good method if you don't have a wide tooth comb, pretty much the same thing. Again, you want to take section of her hair, and saturate it with the leave in conditioner. Can either finger comb, or let me demonstrate how to use the wide tooth comb. Her hair isn't tangled, but if it is, you find that you want to start from down here, and comb every kink out, and work your way up. If you find yourself getting stuck here, you want to stop, because you'll make a bald spot, or pull hair out from the follicle. Definitely want to come down here, and up, up, up, until there's no tension, no pulling at all whatsoever. Already, her wave pattern is starting to form, and see how pretty her natural curly hair is. Okay, and on the other side, I can show you how to it with a leave in conditioner that is not sprayed. Mixed Chicks is one of the popular lines that we like to use for hair that's like this. Just take the conditioner in the palm of your hand, rub through. Make sure the product is consistent, there's the same amount on the top and bottom of the hair. If you feel that you might have put too much in one area, like I did here, you go ahead and brush it out, and get it all over the hair, until you find more dry spots that don't have any moisture. This is Jazmayne Chatman from gLaM sQuAd LA, and I just demonstrated to you how to control frizzy hair.


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