How to Twist Curly Hair

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Curly hair can be twisted to add depth and detail to the style. Expand the looks of your curly hair with help from a professional hairstylist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jazmayne Chatman, representing gLaM sQuAd LA. And today, I'm going to show you guys how to do twist on curly hair. Some of the products and tools you'll need to do twist on curly hair are a paddle brush, a comb, leave in conditioners, a cream or some type of putty that helps define curls, and hair clips to keep the hair out of your way. Okay, going to section off miss Ebony's hair, and we'll start in the front for demonstration purposes. So, you section off the piece that you want to twist. Usually, you want to do like a pattern in the hair when you're doing some type of braid, like a box, a triangle. Right now, we've got a rectangle going, but I can split it in the middle, and now we have a triangle, which will be less obvious when she has a full head of twists. Parting is very essential in doing twist in hair, because you want it to look even on each side, you want the same amount of braids, or twists, on each side of the head. So, you want to be consistent with your partings. I'd like to use a little spray leave in conditioner to get the hair moist. Water is also an option, because we are twisting curly hair. Then, to help secure it, I will use my stretch cream. So, you want to be mindful to not use too much of the product, because you'll have a lot of white, gooey paste inside of your twists. You're going to make sure that it's just enough to coat the strands of hair, and not leave the white residue. You ribbon it through the hair, and make sure you don't have any of the white product showing. Then, you separate your section into twos, twist your hair, your two sections. You twist them in circular motion to create these, like mini dreadlocks in a set. Then, you combine your two twisted locks, and twist them into each other. And, you continue to twist, it's very simple two strand twists, similar to the braid, except there's two strands instead of three. And, you go all the way down. Now, with twists you don't usually secure them with a rubber band, because it takes away from the hairstyle. So, you just go as far down as you can, twist the ends, and you let it go. And, I'm Jazmayne Chatman, representing gLaM sQuAd LA, and I just demonstrated how to do a twist on curly hair.


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