How to Turn Your Dumbbells Into Kettle Bells

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Turning dumbbells into kettle bells really isn't as difficult as one may think. Find out how to turn your dumbbells into kettle bells with help from a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an Instructor at Gold's Gym. So, I know those kettle bells are like all the rage now and some of them can be really expensive. These are dumbbells; I'm going to show you how to turn your dumbbells into kettle bells. Alright. So, I want you to take your legs wide, grab your dumbbell, let your arm just relax. And I want you to think about the toes going out wide, lower down touch the dumbbell to the floor and lift up. That's going to be your inner thigh, it's got everything. That's got butt, "Ahh", thighs working hard; so, that's a great way to start on, just hold onto it like a kettle bell. Another thing would be like your double arm swing, holding onto the kettle bell. I want to swing it down and up. "Whew". So, this is a double arm swing, "Hmmm", "Whew", "Hmmm", "Whew"; just swinging it up, that really gets the heart rate going. Two more, "Whew"; last one, "Whew". Then, I get the single arm swing. So, I got one arm, swinging it up and I kind of like the one arm, it's pretty fantastic. You get a lot of core strength, pull the belly in, "Whew", "Hmmm", "Whew". Then you can also add like a little cling and press. You want to pull it up, press. Swing, put it on your shoulder, throw it up. "Whew", "Hmmm", "Whew". So, those are three things you can do. You have the plie squat, the double arm swing and then the single arm swing. And that's how you turn your dumbbells into kettle bells.


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