Seasonings for No Salt Diet

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If you're trying to cut salt out of your diet, that doesn't have to mean that you can't cook with seasonings. See which seasonings are great for a no salt diet with help from a health and nutrition expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, nutrition and fitness expert of And I'm here today to talk to you about seasonings for a no salt diet. Blah that sounds awful bland and yucky doesn't it? But what I am going to show you are some amazing seasonings that not only will spice up your food but will also help with your health. Double whammy. First thing I am going to give a shout out to is curry, curcumin or turmeric. These are the things that they put into Thai food for that great coconut curry soup and some of those great stir fries. And the best thing about curry and curcumin and turmeric is that it's a real potent anti inflammatory. I love to use rosemary, it's an incredible antioxidant. That's one I like to put on turkey and chicken. Makes it taste great. And another incredible one for your Italian food is oregano. It's actually a powerful antifungal. Now garlic is great to add in just about everything. And I like to just use raw garlic cloves and then roast them. Throw them into anything. Garlic is not only an antiviral it's also an antibacterial. And it can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Another thing I like to use and this one I like to get fresh. I love basil. And I'll throw basil leaves straight into salad. It gives salad a little boost. Speaking of a boost if you want to boost your metabolism a great thing to do is use all the different peppers. Especially cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper. Now moving on to sweet. One of the ways that you can control your blood sugar is by using cinnamon. So cinnamon is naturally sweet, will help modulate blood sugar. Vanilla will do the same and also vanilla can help raise the feel good brain chemical serotonin. Another one that I love here when I'm doing sweet but also for some of the savory foods is ginger. And ginger is also a natural anti inflammatory that's also good for digestion. Besides just the herbs some other things you can do for the food without using salt, love all the different flavored vinegars. Right now I've been using this pomegranate red wine vinegar on my salads. It's phenomenal. I also have been throwing a little bit in on my roasted vegetables. And of course Dijon mustard is another great way to spice things up. I'm JJ Virgin of And those are seasonings for a no salt diet.


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