Ideas for Christmas Invitations

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Christmas invitations can be festive, formal, or silly; ideas are up to your imagination. Create Christmas invitations to fit your party style with help from an accomplished visual artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Jeanette Conner. I've been a Visual Artist for eight plus years, and today I'm going to share ideas for Christmas invites. For this Christmas invite idea, I'm going to show you how to make an invite look like a holiday ornament. So to start, you're going to need three different types of paper; one nice colored card stock paper, a translucent paper like parchment or velum paper and a good holiday paper. I like this one because the patterns remind me of something that would look good as an ornament. You're also going to need something round as a stencil. I'm just going to use this plastic container top, an X-Acto or a utility knife that's sharp, and a stapler. To start, we're going to cut the circles out of our paper. I'm just going to start with the velum first. So, just hold your stencil down and using pressure, go around it as evenly and as slowly as possible. Make sure that you're actually cutting into the paper. You might need to change angles to get around it efficiently and really make sure you're pressing up against the stencil so that you don't stray off your circle. And then once you got all the way around, you can just slide your finger and pull it apart. If you've missed any spots, just go back with your blade and re-cut that area. The velum is the hardest to cut because it's really easy to tear since it has a lot of fiber to it. But, we're going to decorate the edges to this, so don't fret too much. So just continue and do the same to every single paper. If your edges are a little frayed like this one, I always just like to take a pair of scissors and clean up the edges. The next step, you're just going to put the paper together. Put your card stock in the bottom, then your velum, then your colored paper and arrange them so that the circles match at its best as possible. And then, you're going to put ribbon down over the top. You're going to fold your ribbon in half; this is going to help your bow look more elegant and then you're going to staple downy our bow to the middle up here. I like using staples instead of hole punches because using hole punches, I've learned a lot of times your paper will tear as it gets opened. The staple creates a natural crease that won't tear. Then just tie a simple knot and then to get those really nice fancy edges, just fold it and cut a slant inward or outward, depending on which design you like better. There's both for example. On the inside, you have your nice velum paper and your construction. What I'm going to do with the velum paper is glue this holly die cuts around the edges. So, I'm just going to fold this stuff out of the way so they're not in the way. And then, just glue this around the edges so that the leaves poke out a little bit. You can use any little decoration. You can even use stickers if you want; just something that you can put around the edges of your velum. And there you have a beautiful Christmas card invite. This is Jeanette Conner and today, we learned ideas for Christmas invites.


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