Tips to Keep a Good Skin Complexion

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To keep a good skin complexion, make sure to clean the face, use a Clarisonic brush, moisturize on a daily basis and use sunscreen daily. Invest in a good skin care program with help from a dermatologist in this free video on good skin complexion.

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Video Transcript

I'm Dr. Rosalyn George from Wilmington Dermatology Center in Wilmington, North Carolina and I'd like to give you some tips for a great complexion. The first thing that I recommend people do for a great complexion is to make sure that their face is clean. So, cleansing the face twice daily with a cleanser that's appropriate for your skin type. So, if you tend to be on the dry side, you're going to look for gentle or milky cleansers or hydrating cleansers. If you have oily skin, you want to look for gel or foaming cleansers which tend to remove oil more effectively. The other thing I really like for using to cleanse your face is something called a Clarisonic brush. It's the same idea as a Sonic hair toothbrush. It, it has a rotating head and it helps clean your skin much more effectively than just using a washcloth or your hands. The second thing that you have to do for great skin is using a moisturizer on a daily basis. If you do have dry skin, you're going to want to use a heavier cream. People with oily skin want to look for more lotions or gels. The third step and every dermatologist will recommend it is to make sure you put sunscreen on a daily basis. Using sunscreen is the best anti-aging tip; it'll keep you from getting brown spots and broken blood vessels overtime. The next thing I tell people is to invest in a good skin care program. Looking for things like Vitamin C, glycolic acid, growth factors or maybe even visiting a dermatologist and getting your prescription for Retin-A or Retinoid which just helps keeping your skin cells turning g over. And then the last thing I always tell people is take good care of yourself; get a good night sleep, avoid excess alcohol and caffeine and stop smoking. That was some basic information, but before you start any skin care program or have any procedures, please consult with your dermatologist or skin care specialist.


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