How to Get Sexy Abs Fast by Working Out

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Working out is a sure way to get sexy abs fast. Increase your ab muscle tone with the help of a certified personal trainer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya and I'm an Instructor at Gold's Gym. How to get sexy abs fast? I'm going to show you right now. Alright, so come on, come on down. These are going to be hard, so get ready. So, come on down. Alright, so bring both knees to chest; I like getting comfortable first; navel to spine, push the low back into the floor. You won't done quick, you got to use everything you got. Leg, arms; they're the resistance, you can even grab a weight if you want; I'm going to lower my arms over my head and lower the legs at the same time. That's challenging. Inhale and exhale. That is bam, right in the middle, upper, lower and it is absolutely amazing, "Whew", how hard that is. Okay. So, that's kind of level one. Alright, I got the feet flat; I want you to lie completely flat. Palms face the ceiling, I want you to lift the head off the floor, lift your feet off the floor and sprint. You got to brush your core, you want sexy abs, you got to work for it. This is how you're going to get them. Opposite elbow, opposite knee; it's called the sprinter, "Whew". Raise the abdominals; four, three, "Ahhh", two, that's awesome, one. That's a fast way to get to center; but, if you want the sides, here's what you do. The knee is down, lift the hip; elbow directly below your shoulder, side plank. Stack the feet if you want it harder and you do it, don't you, 'cause you want sexy abs. You got to take it up a notch if you want it. This is it. Reach for the ceiling and then the twist, "Whew", abs are in. Now, I'm not just doing my arm, I want you to rotate that torso towards the floor, makes it harder. "Ohhhh", "Ahhh". Lift the top leg, hold it for four, three, two and one. And come on down. Those are three exercises; do each one for one minute. You're going to have sexy abs in no time.


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