Abdominal Workout for a Big Belly

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Abdominal workouts can be difficult if you have a big belly. Reduce belly fat with the help of a certified personal trainer in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Ab Workouts & Cardio Kickboxing
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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I want to show you a few exercises you can do to really help reduce that big belly. Alright I'm going to start simple. If you've got a big belly, it might be just because you don't have that core strength, maybe you're eating too much so cut that out. We're going to start first to come all the way down one vertebra at a time. I'm starting simple people because if you don't have the core strength and you're just starting to work out, this is the best way to start. My feet are flat and my knees are hip distance, fingertips on the head, apple between your chin and your chest, lift and lower. So you pick a spot on the ceiling and you crunch the middle. I want you to think about someone is getting ready to punch you in the stomach. You want to tighten it up, tighten it up. So that's a great way to start. When you kind of get a little stronger, here's an option. You can lift one leg off the floor and then lift and lower, squeeze the belly, same idea. I'm pushing my low back into the floor as I lift the upper body off, two, one. Then you want to switch legs, same idea with the other leg. Then it's like okay, I'm getting really strong here, here's the third phase, bam, both legs. Same idea, apple between the chin and the chest, squeeze, that's a lot harder with the knees in the air. So you can actually lie down, hold the knees over the hips. You're working it. Okay from there, lie down but keep the knees there, 90 degree knees, arms wide. Lower your knees to one side, try to keep both shoulder blades on the floor, lift up, lower them in the other direction. So we want to inhale as you lower the knees, don't let them touch, exhale, lift and then lower in the other direction. So those are three great exercises that you can do that target the middle and the sides and you kind of work your way up and get stronger and stronger and it's going to take care of that big belly.


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