How to Do a Round Kick

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A round kick allows you to strike at either side of a surface. Perform a perfect round kick with the help of a 7th degree senior Tae Kwon Do master in this free video.

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Video Transcript

The third kick, the third kick that we're going to talk about today would be a round kick. Now, the front kick and the side kick both strikes the target on its surface. But, what if you need this, to strike from the side? What if you wanted to strike from a different vector? Well, you choose a different a kick and that kick would be the round kick. Unlike the front kick and the side kick which deliver energy straight out, the round kick comes from the side this way. So, I pick up my leg, bring it across and back. So, I'm here, cross, back and down. I'm using my, the ball of my foot to kick with or sometimes, I might choose to use the top of my foot. So, it just depends on what you're striking and whether or not you have protection of your foot and what kind of target you're going to hit. So, the round kick, we do the, we do the round kick in the same way. We pivot the base leg, we pick up this leg from this position, we kick across, pull it back and then down. That's the basic round kick. So, if I were doing it from this position; the back leg comes across, kick and down. From this position; up, kick, back and down. In this position; up, kick, back and down. Also, you know some demonstrating all these at waist-level, that's because when our beginners come in, we want them to be proficient, not pull muscles. So, we're not expecting you to be ultra flexible. You get really hard at the stomach for it's just as bad if you get kick really hard in the face. So, it's really about the energy that's delivered, not necessarily the height of the kick that support it. So, taking the back leg here, kick, back. Notice that I'm kicking, I'm kicking the target from the side, this way. From here, kick and back. This position, kicking and back. This position, kick and back. Here, kick, pull back and down. Starts from the floor, up and back. Okay. So, we're having an extended plane to our kick where the kick originates from the floor, comes up, cross and back. That's the basic beginner round kick.


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