How to Do a Straight Kick

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A straight kick is one of the most basic Tae Kwon Do kicks. Make the most of your straight kick exercises with the help of a 7th degree senior Tae Kwon Do master in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Wiley Robinson. I'm a 7th Degree Tae Kwon Do Master with the Tiger Rock Martial Arts International and today we're going to talk about basic kicking techniques. You can learn more about martial arts by logging onto our website at and find a local academy in your area and start today. Alright, when we talk about basic kicking techniques we talk about really the strength of Tae Kwon Do. Your legs are longer and stronger than your arms and you're able to deliver more energy with a kick generally than you can with a hand technique if you're trained properly. And so we're going to cover three basic kicking techniques today that we teach our beginners. The first one is the front kick and the next one will be the side kick and the third one will be the round kick or sometimes you've probably heard it called the roundhouse kick and you've probably seen these kicks used in a variety of ways not just in Tae Kwon Do but you see these kicks being used in other martial arts disciplines and styles and probably in the MMA ring and maybe in the Muay Thai Ring, so there's some commonalities to all of these and we'll cover the basic ones today. The first one is called a front kick, a front kick. So now we're going to talk about positioning for the front kick. This is the beginner level so we want to develop the muscles to be able to kick with in the beginning. So I'm going to start from a basic front stance. I'm going to take my back leg. I'm going to pick it up and position my leg, kick out, striking with the ball of the foot, pull it back and then bring it back down this way. So it's up, out, back and down, up, out, back and down, up, out, back and down. That's a basic front kick, striking with the ball of the foot, kicking forward, energy is going forward. I'm facing my target from the front and hence the name front kick. Beginning kick, front kick, we're going to strike a target. I pick my leg up and kick out, ball of the foot, pull it back down from this position, up, kick out, pull it back, up, kick out, pull back, up, kick out, pull back, up, kick out, pull back, up, kick out, pull back. Basic front kick.


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