How to Get Abs for Girls Fast

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If you're a girl, getting abs doesn't have to be something that takes an extraordinarily long time. Learn how to get abs for girls fast with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Jason Morgan with Muscleworx Fitness in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Today, I'm going to show you ladies how to get fast abs. Ladies when you are doing an abdominal training one of the most effective and quick ways to get abs is to perform your ab workouts in a circuit fashion. Three key exercises that you can do to help you get the abs that you are seeking are as follows. You can do a V up crunch. The V up crunch is performed by laying on the floor with your legs extended straight out in front of you. Arms above your head with your hands crossed similar to the way you would dive into a swimming pool. Now you want to raise your fingertips toward your toes and your toes toward your fingertips. So, at the top of the movement your body performs the shape of a V at the upper most portion of the movement. Lie back down extending the body fully out and then repeat the movement as necessary. The next movement is an exercise ball jackknife. That's performed in a modified push up position where your hands are supporting the upper portion of your body with your hands underneath your shoulders, and your feet on top of the exercise ball. You are going to pull the exercise ball towards your abdomen by pulling your knees in to your chest. And then extending the legs straight out behind you again. Then repeat the movement as necessary.The third movement is utilizing an exercise ball and performing a standardized crunch. Simply roll down so that your hips come slightly off the ball and the lower portion of your back is supported. Rest your head in your fingertips so that you are not putting excessive pressure on the neck. Then using the ab muscles to pull your shoulder girdle forward. Raise your shoulders towards the ceiling about 30 degrees. When you feel the contraction in your abs hold for a second, release and go back to the starting position and repeat as necessary. Please remember these tips are just to provide basic information. Always consult with your health care provider and a fitness consultant before beginning any diet or exercise program.


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